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London and Singapore based contemporary artist


Diana's artwork, deeply rooted in the portrayal of personalities shaped by diverse cultures, travels and life experiences serves as a testament to the evolution of our identities in an ever-changing world. These layers, depicted through lines, dots, and an array of decorative motifs, mirror the complexity of human emotions and the depth of our journeys, both physical and spiritual.


Diana's professional journey as a Product Designer for global companies, has not only influenced her artistic vision but has enabled her to view technology as an integral part of our cultural fabric, just as nature and human interaction have been for centuries. 


Kensington and Chelsea College

University of Westminster (BA)

"The decorative elements in my subjects' stories are more than mere adornments; they are visual echoes of the varied life experiences that shape us, from the rich tapestry of cultures we encounter to the technological landscapes that define our modern existence."


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